Friday, 28 March 2008

on faceless bureaucrats

According to Nick's recent email we are "leading the fight against the faceless government bureaucracies that let us all down"

According to 5.8 million people (out of 29 million) work in the public sector and around 540,000 are directly employed in the civil service (verified by the Office of National Statistics Table 4). Now depending on what definition of bureaucrat Nick meant he could be saying to 540,000 people at a minimum that they are faceless and do nothing but let the country down. It would have been more apt to say "lead the fight against those distant government bureaucrats who let us down" or even better make it positive "encourage civil servants to engage more with the public to achieve better customer service," 540,000 votes plus the vote multiplier effect equals a lot of possible angry votes against us (some basic arithmetic for you heh).
Now I do agree that most public bodies need to be cut down if not scrapped, we heard recently the FSA saying that they don't feel they are fit for purpose (thank you John Reid) and a similar accusation could be made against most other agencies (having had first hand experience working in at least one, the paper pushing is immense) but painting everyone with the same bad brush is not a wise move.
Remember this:


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