Wednesday, 26 March 2008

on leadership elections

In 2005 I predicted that the outsider David Cameron would win the Conservative leadership election, weeks before most commentators and his now famour speech at the Conservative party conference and he did.
In 2006 I predicted that Ming Campbell would win the Lib Dem leadership election and he did.
In 2007 I predicted that Nick Clegg would win the Lib Dem leadership election, while most people branded him as Cameron-lite and likely to lose, and he did.

now in 2008, I predict that Barack Obama will win the Democratic Presidentatial nomination, watch this space...


Alasdair W 26 March 2008 at 16:05  

Rather big headed of you. Actually most of the media expected Nick Clegg to won. The betting was Nick Clegg would win two thirds, however he only got a majority of 500.

thechristophe 26 March 2008 at 19:54  

big headed? yes. The argument that "the media" expected Nick Clegg to win is valid towards the close of the contest not at the start (especially following the Calam-Clegg incident), however its easy to look back in hindsight and say that it was bound to happen, i'm sure if you scan most of the opinion pieces at the time there would have been quite a few journos saying Huhne would win as well...

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