Friday, 11 April 2008

on playing politics

Dithering and incompetent, every Tory press release is littered with these words, the attack on Gordon Brown has been simplified and is hitting home with people across the country. Simplify the message and repeat it over and over and over again. Cameron is no idiot, he worked in PR don’t you know. So his latest attack on Gordon Brown “If dithering was an Olympic sport he would have a gold medal" is cringe worthy but ask the man on the Clapham omnibus how he perceives Brown’s handling of the whole situation, and he’ll probably throw dithering or incompetent back at you.
It’s a testament to the Cameroon’s policy that even Nick Clegg has started focusing on incompetent, granted Nick has probably used it a lot more, but when you have two questions to Cameron’s six at PMQ’s you have got to sink your teeth in (see Vince - Stalin to Bean, which reverberated around the world). So the question is, do we play politics and simplify our message? Or do we maintain our current course of rational argument and reasoned debate? Which comes first the chicken or the egg? I would opt for the simplified approach; newspaper articles get read based on two things: the headline and the first paragraph. The rest can be as detailed as you like (the same is true of blog articles heh). Flickr sums this up in its handy web 2.0 strategy, interestingness.
It is time now to start highlighting our differences to Brown and New Labour focusing on things that matter to people, our opposition to the nanny state that governs our lives ‘from the cradle to the grave’, our campaign for a PR system of elections to make each vote count, our successes in local government and our believe in localism, our defence of civil liberties and our promotion of environmental policies. A full on paragraph that I would summarise as: trust, self-determination and influence and if we really want to win lets promise to cut taxes, after all as the Adam Smith Institute states: “If public spending had only grown in line with inflation since then (1997), we could have abolished income tax, corporation tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax by now, leaving the taxpayer £200 billion better off.” Of course we don’t need to promise to abolish all of those, simply engage in targeted investment not spending for spendings sake.

On a side note, since when has Malcolm Rifkind become New Labours Comical Ali? He spent most of last night on different news channels defending the descision to cancel the fraud investigation into the 'security for fighter jets' scam. Well done Nick for showing the world what an idiot that carpetbagger is.


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