Thursday, 3 April 2008

on the London mayoral election

Over 400,000 people gave the Liberal Democrat candidate for Mayor their second preference votes in 2000 and 2004, almost the same amount as the Tory and Labour second preference votes combined. The question is who do Liberal Democrat supporters give their second vote to? Chances are, until last week it was the Green party. The Green party were never going to win the Mayoral election, you simply have to look at their party structure to know that they are averse to leadership, such a vote would have been one of solidarity with their cause. The closest they could have come, was to have one of their AMs become Ken’s Deputy Mayor again and then have that person become acting Mayor, as a result of Ken’s now common foot in mouth incidents (as nearly happened following his likening of a reporter to a concentration camp guard and then refusing to apologise, when the reporter stated he was offended as he was Jewish). So who do I give my second vote to? Here are the options:

Alan Craig Christian Choice - No, opposed to politics and church being combined.

Boris Johnson Conservatives – No, the man is like Putin 'vote for Unity, we have no policies so that we can do anything we want in government'

Gerard Batten UKIP – quite surprised that this party is still going I thought they had internal issues. No man is an island, Britain belongs in Europe.

Ken Livingstone Labour – Time for change, he was tolerable when he was an independent and with Thatcher eradicating his throne back in 1986 he deserved to win in 2000. But a man who says that ‘If voting changed anything they’d abolish it’ needs to be shown that it does.

Lindsey German Left List party – I am not a Socialist besides suspicious issues around who funds them.

Matt O'Connor English Democrats – Former Fathers 4 Justice, I have some sympathy for their campaign but not the way in which they do it. The English Democrats are campaigning primarily for a reform of the Barnett formula and for an answer to the West Lothian question, admirable positions that are also backed up by most party members of the Liberal Democrats.

Richard Barnbrook BNP - No

Sian Berry Greens – A fellow constituent in Kentish Town, she came second in the last by-election in this ward for Camden Council (losing of course to the Liberal Democrats – Labour or the Tories can’t win here), I am proud to say I live in a ward that had three out of three Liberal Democrat councillors and I am sure so is she. Her party is starting to look like opportunists (and not in a good way) afraid to fight an election they instead piggyback on Labour’s campaign. Additionally her campaign promises don’t square with Ken’s practices whilst Mayor – 20p off tube and bus fares? It was Ken that put them up!

Winston McKenzie Independent – has been in more political parties than I can remember. Would probably stand for the BNP if he had a chance of winning.

It’s looking like my second vote for Mayor will go to the English Democrats, pending further research and what is said as the campaign progresses. Hilarious video on their website, comments? Are they bad news?

Brian Paddick is clearly getting my first vote. Many people say he is a one trick pony, crime. But if you ask the majority of Londoners what their main concern is they will tell you it’s serious crime just ask Harman and Smith. Should he be shot down for listening to the people? (no pun intended) He’s listened to the people before and delivered on his promises as a police officer in Lambeth, becoming one of the only police officers I know of who has such wide support that people petition to have him return.

The fact is, if you have a problem with crime you send for a policeman not someone who has presided over the increase in crime or someone who spends his free time miles away from London. Brian has proven himself at solving crime and is the best person suited to the job to sorting it out. London has a problem with crime and we are beginning to get a reputation for it worldwide, it’s time we had a change to combat the real issues affecting Londoners.


Alix 3 April 2008 at 11:10  

"Many people say he is a one trick pony"

When I hear this I'm always tempted to say, "At least he's got a trick."

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