Monday, 28 April 2008

on migration

With the upcoming local elections, I thought I’d higlight some of the problems facing many local towns, on that topic no one but the BNP wants to talk about, migration.
Many towns are being flooded, in ten years alone one town has had the population increase by over 200%; over 70% of the population are foreigners the majority of whom do not speak the language. The parents send their children to local schools and complain when they are not taught in their language. With no intention of returning home they are beginning to take part in the politics of the locality, not just in voting but in running for the town hall (yet another
barmy EU rule that our national leaders signed up to without allowing us a referendum) some have even won seats. Steps must be taken to ensure that local people are placed first that the ‘indigenous peoples’ of the land are protected from this swarm of outsiders.

EDIT: For those heading to this post from The Fulham independent, it might be worth clicking on the links as opposed to jumping to conclusions...


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