Friday, 4 April 2008

on Peter Hain

Peter Hain, another of those opportunists whose quest for the easy life saw him switch from the Liberal party to the Labour party in the 70s, yesterday spoke out against what he describes as rigid and insensitive application of the law. The case in question is the Hyland family who recently lost John. John and his wife Sonia ran the Dyffryn Arms in Neath but John was the license holder. With his death the family, bereaved, forgot to have the license transferred to another family member his daughter Victoria. According to the Licensing Act 2003 Clause 50 (Reinstatement of licence on transfer following death etc. of holder) Section 3

Notwithstanding the lapsing of the licence, a person
mentioned in section 16(1) (who, in the case of an individual, is aged 18 or
over) may apply under section 42 for the transfer of the licence to him provided
that the application—
(a) is made no later than seven days after the day the
licence lapsed
Now Mr. Hain has said the council’s decision is “shockingly offensive” stating “I cannot believe the licensing laws have been applied in such a rigid and insensitive way”. I beg to move, that the following is shockingly offensive about Mr. Hain:

setting up a think-tank that does no thinking but instead funds his deputy leadership campaign
-criticising a Labour run council (
Neath Port Talbot) for implementing a Labour created law that he had the opportunity to vote against but decided not to (himself being a government minister at the time). Instead he voted for its Second Reading
-In 2005 he also had the opportunity to agree with plans to
delay the implementation of the law but chose to vote against such plans.

-It’s even more hilarious that on the 28th of February in this very year
he praised Neath Port Talbot Council for a “record of excellence for quick decisions, implemented speedily.”

The man who introduced the Licensing Act as Licensing Minister was non other than James Purnell the man who replaced Peter Hain at the Department for Work and Pensions following his resignation to “clear his name” after the think-tank incident.

Perhaps in a few days Mr. Hain will be telling his constituents ‘
My comments do not accurately reflect my views.


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