Friday, 30 May 2008

on Chard and South Somerset by-elections

In a straight fight between the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives last night, the Liberal Democrats won. Not just once, but four times, winning a seat on South Somerset District Council and three on Chard Town Council.

Labour did not contest any of the seats and urged their voters to vote Liberal Democrat.


James Schneider 30 May 2008 at 10:07  

why did the BNP do so well? 17.5% of the vote in Chard.

thechristophe 30 May 2008 at 10:30  

not entirely sure, in my last job I worked on a project where we looked at the impact of A8 migration to Britain, a lot of people think it only affects London and other large cities but the truth is a lot of smaller towns are 'noticing' A8 migration, especially farming communities, and while they may not complain about it in public, they may very well complain about it through voting.

Another issue is that the BNP do have an image of being tough, as their own press release say they have never contested in this area before so they havent experienced the sillyness that is a BNP councillor.

Finally, there is the statistical effect. The Labour party didnt contest these seats and with the Liberal Democrats being so powerful in the area, effectively we are the government to vote against locally.

I dislike percentages, as the smaller the sample the more ridiculous they become. Consider this, with an electorate of 3 if the BNP receive just one vote thats 33%

I am however, not a local resident so if someone does pass this blog post from Chard, maybe they can answer your question with fact rather than speculation.

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