Tuesday, 20 May 2008

on Conservative "policy"

The FT has quite interestingly listed all the Conservative party policy announcements, since David Cameron became pretender to the throne.

It is an interesting array of policies, with a list of so called ‘policy gaps’ where the party has simply announced something, received the headline and neglected to put meat on the bone.

Here are a few questions that I would like answered if any Tory commentator so wishes to, maybe even Dave ‘web’ Cameron, himself. That would be most helpful…

  • On tax, why the over emphasis on married couples? What about ‘hard working’ single people, or do they not exist?
  • Will they reintroduce the 10p tax rate as they seem to be suggesting to voters in Crewe?
  • On increasing the working tax family credit for couples, again... why couples only?
  • Does this also mean the Conservatives are committed to maintaining the expensive and bureaucratic tax credit system?
  • How do you ‘square’ a new quango being set up to run the NHS, while simultaneously scrapping centrally imposed targets and returning power to GPs…
  • Limit immigration… from outside the EU. The majority of immigration to this country has come from within the EU. What limit do they intend to set? And Why?

The majority of the remaining proposals include plans to increase or decrease funding in certain areas, totally irrelevant given that for the first two years they won’t change Labour’s spending plans.

I will no doubt return to this list quite soon.


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