Friday, 16 May 2008

on MP's expenses

Nick Clegg released his expenses on Wednesday, he's spent loads on his second home. My view on MP's expenses. They deserve it.

MP's (the best ones) hold terrible hours, are hated by the public, are expected to be spotless, gaffe free, endure death threats and be superhuman. If they weren't MP's they would have amazing jobs, chief execs etc. with share options. Instead, for their pain, MP's are paid... £61,000, the salary of a Financial Controller or a bloody good recruitment consultant (and lest we forget they pay tax on it and don't have the option of hiring a good accountant to move it around like most non-dom Chief Execs).

Additional expenses cover costs, and this amounts to on average about £140k for having a second home near Parliament, hiring and paying staff, doing communications, travel etc. etc. If you wanted to be flippant and add it all together, its about £200k in total.

So this is a defence of all MP's who play by the rules (not you Mr. Conway and co.) tell the British public to shut up, they could never do your job.


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