Saturday, 24 May 2008

on the US Presidential election - assassination

With the New York Times delegate count reporting that Obama has 97%, of the 2,026 delegates needed, is the race for the Democratic nomination a done deal? Perhaps not, as Hillary Clinton yesterday revealed how she intends to win the nomination. She will wait for Obama to be assassinated next month, thus taking the throne. In another moment of classic misspeak she said,

It is a historical curiosity to me.

She had been citing the previous campaign of Robert Kennedy in 1968, who was assassinated in June of that year. She later expressed regret, but did not apologise.

All three contenders for the Presidential election receive secret service protection. The New York times also has a lovely delegate calculator, which shows the ratio of state delegates to superdelegates, each candidate would need to secure the nomination. It shows that, even if Hillary Clinton wins 100% of the remaining state delegates, she would still need 72% of the superdelegates to secure the nomination, to Obama's 29%.

Increasingly Clinton is damaging her chances of being Obama's Vice-Presidential candidate, theChristophe would love a Obama-Edwards ticket, however Edwards said he would refuse if asked.


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