Monday, 19 May 2008

on vote blue get confused

David Cameron gave the biggest hint today that a Conservative government would be a Conservative government.

Amazing us with new levels of being vacuous, he has today announced that a Conservative government would seek to reduce the level of taxation, by ensuring Britain spends within its means. Fair enough, that’s a prudent step to take, however, as we are becoming increasingly aware “this will be at some point in the future”.

Such a non-promise. This is the equivalent of saying, we will cut crime ‘at some point in the future’, its obvious and somewhat pointless in saying it.

The Conservatives have promised to match Labour spending plans for the first two years of a Tory government. How then will this square with his, new, latest promise? Northern Rock? The 10p tax rate? Reforming the tax credit system? If as he states “All bureaucracies have an inbuilt tendency to grow” how can he guarantee that in the first two years New Labour’s quangos won’t grow? After all, as mentioned, he has promised to maintain funding.

David Cameron is increasingly turning into Neil Kinnock, as Thatcher would put it, "There were no alternative policies, just a lot of disjointed, opaque words."


Wit and wisdom 19 May 2008 at 15:00  

And what is frustrating is that if he were to get up on stage and fart the Lithuanian national anthem he would still get a rapturous reception from the media.


'Cameron's hot air hits the right note'

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