Monday, 9 June 2008

on Conservative expenses

Two years from a general election is the Tory Party set to lose a raft of MPs? Will UKIP become the fourth largest party in the Commons (or even the third largest??).

David Cameron has declared that if any of his MPs are
found to be cheating on their expenses they will be sacked. Given that the majority of his problems seem to be emanating from his MEPs he should probably declare the same for them.

Always one for soundbites Mr. Cameron has stated his solutions but has neglected to define the problem, what we need is a list of grounds for dismissal. So that we, or
Guido (because he has the time to) can judge.

Beyond the issue of his usual vacuity, is David Cameron using the issue of expenses to solve another of his problems? That of a Shadow Cabinet reshuffle? As he’s ‘on the up’ now would be the perfect time for him to ditch those who are underperforming or replacing some seen to be too soft with those who would placate the Tory rank and file.

He has guaranteed certain jobs until the election; guarantee’s which could melt away in the face of certain expense allegations… Coupled with that, Conservative MEP's are deeply unpopular within local parties and the way they were selected was a complete shambles.

Watch this space.

For a list of Tory politicians being investigated recently for misuse of expenses see here.


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