Friday, 13 June 2008

on David Davis and the case for 42 days

Three cheers for Gordon Brown, he’s managed to create a Guantanamo situation in Britain, but unlike President Bush he hasn’t been foolish enough to keep all suspected terrorists in one place. I won't go into too much detail, the case against 42 days has been made here.

Now lets not all get hysterical, this Bill is not law yet. David Davis would be wise to note this. Thankfully I can still walk around the streets of London, and if I am suspected of being a terrorist I’ll only be locked up for 28 days as opposed to 42. Lucky for us we have MP’s like Diane Abbott who voted for 28 days because she felt that 28 days would be the end of the issue. Then on Wednesday we were treated with Cameron-esque crocodile tears about how much she cares for British freedoms. I have news for you Diane Abbott 28 days does not a free man make.

In the United Kingdom, one Parliament cannot bind another. This means that anything and everything can be reversed.

The former Shadow Home Secretary, before his sacking, stated that a Conservative government would reverse this Bill if it became law. This angered many of the ‘massive people’ in the Tory party who were shocked that a policy was being announced. The modern Tory party is about trees, huskies and vacuity. Major policy announcements they do not make.

One thing I wish to point out, the figure of £80k which is being bandied about by some as the figure a ‘pointless’ by-election would cost, is nothing compared to the thousands misspent by governments across decades, for example the cost of your average departmental re-branding exercise.

If the Labour Party does not stand against Mr. Davis, stunt or not, then how can anyone honestly trust them ever again. It's one thing to defend your policy in Parliament, its quite another to defend it amongst the public. Gordon Brown states the majority of people defend his stance, grow some cajones, prove it or shut up.


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