Friday, 20 June 2008

on the Henley campaign

What is happening at Lib Dem Henley HQ? Why is David Cameron threatening to sue our campaign? David Cameron on Radio Berkshire this morning said,
"We are suing the Liberal Democrats over this so I think we will be in court. We have tried to put a stop to this because it's absolutely appalling. Boris Johnson backs John Howell 100% and this campaign by the Liberals is quite appalling."
Apparently the Henley campaign is stating that Boris Johnson backs the Lib Dems? Anyone close to the campaign know anything about why this is and what the offending statement was? The BBC was a bit vague.

EDIT: ConservativeHome has some interesting comments on this, as one person put it,

Am I missing something? Who would think that was written by Boris?
"plumbing the depths"... of pretend outrage.

EDIT: Just contacted Conservative Campaign HQ, they will be 'contacting their lawyers and as David Cameron said this morning, taking legal action'

EDIT: The story is constanltly evolving, the Tories are now going to sue because of a claim by the Lib Dem campaign that the Tory candidate was lying when he said he was actively involved in a campaign to save a local hospital. On a seperate issue they are 'contacting their lawyers' to asses whether to sue over the Boris Johnson quote (mentioned above). Lord Rennard Lib Dem election guru had this to say to the BBC,

Liberal Democrat Chief Executive Lord Rennard said the criticism about the leaflet was "odd" as he said the Conservatives had posted a similar publication two weeks ago - and said it was an insult to voters to suggest they had been misled by the format.

"In relation to the Henley Townlands hospital campaign, we have merely repeated claims by the independent hospital campaigners that they were unaware of any support from the Conservative Party candidate," he said.

He added: "The Conservatives seem to be running scared in what used to be a very safe Conservative seat."

Indeed, the claim by the hospital campaigners had been mentioned by several bloggers over the past few weeks. Perhaps David Cameron is really just irritated by his chum David Davis talking to Nick Clegg before him and is using this as some sort of pay back?


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