Thursday, 12 June 2008

on the little people

Stephen Peterson. The man who today stood up to the government and more importantly to the Tory party. Echoing the fears of many around the country - that of a Tory government doing exactly the same as the current Labour government. At one point he looked set to be ushered away reminiscent of a scene from the Labour party conference, but this man knew how to stand up for himself, "that's assault! he cried" and David Cameron duly listened.

"People of this country are fed up with empty words" was his theme, as he challenged David Cameron in the middle of a live interview. He stated that billions have been spent on the health service, yet he still had to go to France to have an operation, he also stated that he was fobbed off by his local MP Hugo Swire when he asked for help.

Mr. Cameron, to his credit, knew how to handle the situation. Unfortunately this says nothing about how he would handle the actual situation if in power, talk his way out of it? People are fed up with empty words indeed, after all is said and done, more is said than done.


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