Wednesday, 4 June 2008

on wind power

By 2020, every household in Britain could be powered by offshore wind farms.

This bold announcement by The Crown Estate, dubbed Round 3, sees an expansion of the levels of investment in wind power. This would allow Britain to meet its contribution to the EU target, of 20% of energy coming from renewable sources by 2020.
The Crown Estate is
planning to co-invest up to 50 per cent of the cost of obtaining planning
consents for windfarm sites, including the funding of enabling works intended to
speed up windfarm delivery. This may include action to address generic,
zone-wide environmental concerns, consenting bottlenecks, supply chain
constraints and options for connecting new windfarms to the national

The selected partners will remain wholly responsible for
construction and operation of windfarm sites. The Crown Estate is not intending
to take any role in the eventual ownership or operation of offshore windfarms
resulting from this programme other than to provide leases of the seabed to
Great stuff, a part of the British economy could be restructured towards producing wind turbines and in time we could lead the world in the production of such turbines and all the added benefits of a Wind Industrial Complex (lower costs, specialisation, R&D, jobs etc.). In a few decades Adam Hart-Davis will be presenting “What the Brownites Did For Us”



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