Monday, 18 August 2008

on the last month

Slow news month so here is a summation of a few of my thoughts on the last few weeks:

People don’t vote for parties they vote for generations. If New Labour is now old Labour and the Tories are now the neo-cons, what are the Lib Dems?

Make it Happen Nicks inner thoughts, was a brilliant document that was reported as a process story, i.e. very very bad PR planning led to news stories about the launch, rather than the document, I hereby offer my PR services for free for the next policy launch. A basic google search wasnt even done, because if it was someone would have found this:
Make It Happen (also known as The Tears of a Clown) a 1967 album by Smokey Robinson & the Miracles
I am attending my first ever party conference in September, it shall no doubt be thrilling.

Yesterday I discovered quite shockingly, that the new ward I’m moving into, in Camden, is a Labour stronghold.

Increasingly the Tories are returning from their periodic migration to green-land and their brand of liberalism. At the next election be prepared to vote for either Labour, New Labour or the Liberal Democrats.

If Scotland leave the Union, will the BNP have to change their name?

Did Cameron really smoke that joint?

If Thatcher believed in radical economic policies and no such thing as society, does Cameron believe in radical social policies and no such things as the economy? It would seem so as the Cameroons decry that the population of the North of England should head south if they want to better their lives, because poverty has nothing to do with income, but everything to do with where you live.

How Green is smoking? Answers in an email to

Regular updates resume…


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