Sunday, 14 September 2008

on John Hutton calling for a new narrative

Speaking to Andrew Marr, John Hutton appeared pleased with Labours current predicament.

'We may not have received three cheers for our energy package, but we received two'.

He refused to criticise colleagues calling for a leadership election/new narrative and accepted the Chancellors position that we are facing the worse economic conditions for 60 years (how old are these people?)

Interestingly he refused to mention the Prime Minister by name (just call me Gord) and said he supports the government because he is in it. Thus distancing himself from the governments policies (or the Prime Ministers policies as he stated). He called Nick Clegg a pale imitation of David Cameron and called David Cameron a pale imitation of Tony Blair... people who don't have the right answers. Hilariously, he states quite arrogantly

'they don't understand public finances' (because Labour clearly does).

Hutton knows something and is biding his time.


Congrats to Alix Mortimer on winning three BOTY's last night!


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