Wednesday, 24 September 2008

on John McCain suspending his campaign

The fact that John McCain can't campaign, debate and negotiate a compromise to a major crisis just shows he isn't up to the job of President. What a cheap stunt from a man whose economics adviser, the ditched CEO from Hewlett Packard, doesn't think his VP choice is up to the job of running a large multinational. That says wonders about Palin's perceived ability to run a state, let alone a country.
The very same man whose campaign manager is being investigated by the FBI due to the $15,000 he was receiving a month (up to last month) from the now nationslised Freddie Mac.

What happens if McCain wins the presidency and four years from now terrorists attack a few weeks before election day, or the economy goes pear shaped? Will he dispense with the constitution he would have sworn to defend?

John McCain should do more than just suspend his campaign, he should cancel it permanently.

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