Tuesday, 2 September 2008

on political babies

According to Eurostat, the population of Britain is set to be the largest in the EU by 2060. The population is predicted to be 77m, Germany the current largest country will see their figures fall from 82m to 71m. Good news is also ahead for the UK, we are set to be the most youthful country in the EU. The population of Turkey, an applicant member of the EU since 1987, currently stands at 70m and is more likely to rise as well.

Based on these predictions, by 2060 we can expect the UK and Turkey to dominate the EU’s decision making. The European Parliament allocates seats by size of population, Germany with the largest population currently has 99 MEP’s, followed by France, Italy and the UK with 78.

In the Council, Germany has accepted a lower voting weight therefore France, Germany, Italy and the UK all have 29 votes when voting by Qualified Majority voting. By 2060 this could change with the UK having the most votes (Lisbon Treaty ratification or its offshoots aside).

Boom times ahead, don't hold your breath though.


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