Tuesday, 4 November 2008

on both candidates

I met a Republican a few months back. He said this is the most embarrassing election he has ever had to sit through. Not because of John McCain, but because both candidates are awful.

John McCain, the maverick ex Vietnam vet who chose to stay in prison than be released early (the cynic in me wants to believe this is because he was embarrassed to be locked up and this way he could get some award, or, not have to work for a while).

The image he strikes is of a middle aged father trying to crack a joke with his University children "his friends".


Obama, short stint Senator who has promised the Earth and will most likely deliver it, as a result of his protectionist policies and his return to isolationism.


Both men, like most Americans, take a view of the world I don’t adhere to. The funny thing is, most Americans, taken in isolation are actually quite nice people, get them together in a room and you just want to avoid them.

America – it makes for good television.


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