Tuesday, 23 December 2008

on Iain Dale and that gay comment

I leave hibernation for this.

You are ALL acting a bit gay.

Gay is a term now bandied about even between gays. No one has copyright over the word and as far as I am concerned the word gay is in a lesser category of evil than say f**k etc. (so much so that I dont even write it as g*y nor have any of you).

Should Iain Dale have called a bunch of kids harassing him gay? Probably not, but himself being gay, does that preclude him from using the phrase?


If a bunch of kids are harassing you, back in the good old days you would be able to grab them by the arms and drag them to their parents to complain. These days that's called harassment and so other methods have to be used.

If I was in that situation I probably wouldn't have used that phrase, but gay is not I term I worry about at all anymore - nor should you.

My advice? Stay out of Tunbridge Wells when the schools are out.


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