Saturday, 30 May 2009

on the Lib Dems, now the second party of Britain

In the latest ICM poll for tomorrow's Sunday Telegraph, the Lib Dems have moved into second place pushing Labour into third with the Tories ahead on 40%

Only 22% of respondents said they would vote Labour in a general election, with the Liberal Democrats receiving 25% in the same poll.

Surely this spells the end of Gordon Brown just days before the country goes to the polls in European Parliament elections? With Parliament back from recess tomorrow, the daggers are tonight being sharpened.

According to the Telegraph the last time Labour was in third place in any poll was in 1987.

In the same poll respondents were asked who they planned to vote for in the European Parliament elections this Thursday: 29% Conservative, 20% Lib Dem, 17% Labour and UKIP 10% dispelling somewhat the myth that UKIP were going to be the main benefactor on Thursday.

While it would be easy to dismiss Labour as a 20th Century project that has come to an end, I think I will wait to see what happens on Thursday, when the electorate decides, but these results are good news for Nick Clegg who has been working hard to get his message of reform out. Visit


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