Tuesday, 12 May 2009

on reform of MP's expenses

I'm sure the whole house will join with me, in endorsing the changes to the members allowances and expenses policy outlined below.

The Houses of Parliament will buy sufficient housing for all MP's outside greater London, in the central London area.

At the start of each Parliament following a general election, all MP's who wish to do so may apply for a Houses of Parliament property.

Properties will then be assigned on a need by need basis and will continue to be owned by the Houses of Parliament.

No rent will be paid by the MP.

Any maintenance and upkeep costs will be paid for by the Houses of Parliament and any contracts entered into by the MP with other companies will be paid for by the MP (telephone, internet, gas, electricity etc.)

At the end of a Parliament or if the occupant of a property is no longer an MP that person will have one month to vacate the property.

Expenses may only be claimed for out of pocket costs incurred by an MP. These include subsistence, travel and hotel costs where the MP is undertaking business related to his or her position and in the case of hotels, where no ordinary means of travel is available to return to either a constituency or London home.

No expenses will be payable for any costs incurred to a constituency home.

Changes to the expenses policy of the House can only be made following the endorsement of such changes by the electorate by way of a party manifesto


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