Wednesday, 12 May 2010

on agreeing with Nick - the good parts of the deal

  • No NI increase
  • Independent Office for Budget Responsibility
  • Green investment bank
  • Child trust funds and tax credits cancelled for millionaires (don’t think they need it do you?)
  • NHS increase in real terms
  • PUPIL PREMIUM for kids from poorer backgrounds
  • Trident to be included in defence review
  • Earnings link for state pension restored
  • PERSONAL ALLOWANCE INCREASE from the next budget and incremental increases to get to 10k this takes priority over all other tax cuts including Inheritance tax
  • Switch to per plane rather than per-passenger duty (air freight (30% of all flights) finally included)
  • Net lending targets for nationalised banks
  • One year time frame for an independent report on the feasibility separating retail from investment banking
  • Ending the detention of children for immigration purposes
  • Fixed term parliaments of five years
  • Referendum Bill on electoral reform on AV (which isnt PR) however, fewer and equal sized constituencies proposed
  • The right to recall your MP if 10% of constituents agree
  • Elected upper chamber elected using PR with recommendations by December 2010
  • A Commons committee to set business of the House of Commons (rather than the govt.)
  • Implementation of the Calman Commission including a referendum on further Welsh devolution
  • Devolution and greater financial autonomy to local govt
  • Fair and transparent payments to Equitable Life policy holders
  • Pressing for a single seat of the European Parliament rather than the road show that current exists
  • No ID cards, no Contacts point database

A lot of promise which I hope gets delivered and I hope our independence isn't compromised by government positions. These are the points on which I agree with Nick.


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