Wednesday, 24 November 2010

50% of students did not vote in 2010 #demo2010

34% of eligible voters in the UK did not vote. That figure rises to 50% for students.

Of those who did vote, 27.9% voted Tory, 31% voted Labour and 30% voted Lib Dem, 8.8% voted for other parties. In short around 15% of the student population voted for the Liberal Democrats - did they all expect the Lib Dems to win the election without playing an active part in securing that victory?

Someone far more cynical than I would suggest the protests are perhaps more a form of post-election voting than anything else.

While I am opposed to an increase in fees as a matter of principle, decisions are at the end of the day, made by those who show up.

Data from the Ipsos MORI post-election analysis (page 4)


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