Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Tuition fees increase - it ain't over til the first student pays?

Under the proposed new scheme which would see tuition fees rise to a maximum of £9k a year, no one has to pay up front. The first repayments will therefore be 3 years + up to the next tax year following the date of starting the degree. Or in other words, April 2015 - around the time of the next election...

The conspiracy theorists amongst us could almost say that the tuition fees issue has effectively been kicked into the long grass. The alternative proposal, a graduate tax wouldn't have achieved this, because taxes once implemented have a way of sticking around.

So anyone who thinks the tuition fees issue has gone away should think again, it will be a hot topic at the next election and not just for the reasons we think.

Start planning your campaign to get them scrapped now. It still is Lib Dem policy (as odd as that may seem), by 2015 the estimate is to have the deficit under control, first out of the block could be a plan to get rid of fees, the two most dominant figures at the next election for the Lib Dems look set to be Simon Hughes and Tim Farron, both against tuition fees and both will be in a strong position to argue against them.


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